SERAX Catalogs SS18 Cover

Serax SS18 catalogues

A series of catalogues presenting the entire range of Serax products


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At the start of 2018, Serax wanted to present their new collections to the world. A fresh concept was needed, so the decision was made to split the collection in 8 sections. Our design gives each category its own face, and makes sure design-lovers don’t get lost in Serax’ vast collection.


  • The first catalogue we designed for Serax over 10 years ago consisted of only a couple dozen pages.

  • Knowing that just print doesn’t cut it anymore, we made sure our design translate well to a digital environment too.

Serax catalog cover Interior Accessories SS18
Serax Catalogs Interior Accessories SS18
Serax Catalog Index Interior Accessories SS18
Serax catalog Antonino Sciortino SS18
Serax catalog Antonino Sciortino Tale SS18
Serax catalog cover furniture SS18
Serax Catalog PJMares SS18
Serax catalog cover lighting SS18
Serax Catalog Lighting Index SS18
Serax_Catalog Studio Simple SS18
Serax catalog cover tableware SS18
Serax Catalog Merci SS18
Serax overview catalogs covers SS18
A clear design and distinctive covers make sure design-lovers don't get lost in Serax' vast collection
SERAX Catalogs SS18 Detail
SERAX Catalogs SS18 Detail