Photo by Juliana Gómez Quijano


Website for Flemish film organisation MOOOV


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MOOOV is a Flemish film organisation with a open-minded focus on “films facing the world”. They felt that their old website was in need of an overhaul to accommodate their growing film festival and other activities. We designed a website that is build with scalability in mind, streamlined the user experience and implemented a responsive design that puts the films front and center.


  • A complete redesign of the way in which events are presented makes it much easier for visitors to find film screenings near them.

  • A custom Drupal CMS implementation enables the people from MOOOV to easily manage their huge database of films and events on the website

  • A connection with the UiTdatabank makes it easy to promote events

  • Festival photo by Juliana Gómez Quijano