Si Non Là

A witty interior-design-magazine lookalike with 2 covers you can choose from, featuring Arpaïs Du Bois' large scale drawings and questioning the dissemination of her works.


  • Book

With SI NON LÀ, Arpaïs Du Bois formulates an answer to the question: how to show her large-scale drawings knowing that her 7 previous books showed only her small-scale drawings, which were mostly scaled 1:1. She also brings up the issue of dissemination of her drawings once they are sold. Knowing that these drawings are often part of large series or streams of works, even if they’re all independent allegations. An interesting matter. Enjoy how she fools us by packaging this output as yet another but slightly cracked interior-design magazine, taking us along the way through sometimes most bizarre cut-out interiors and backdrops.