Opera Out Of The Box 2009–2019, The Cahn Years at Opera Vlaanderen

Opera Out Of The Box

The breakthrough years of Aviel Cahn at Opera Vlaanderen have been collected in a book.


  • Book

This monumental 720-page book is housed in an arty slipcase with three different covers, with pictures by the artists that collaborated with Cahn on communicating and working around seasonal themes during the last five years. Contemporary artists Koen van den Broek, Kati Heck and Maurizio Cattelan (ToiletPaper) found a new gallery space in their collaboration with Opera Vlaanderen. Opera Out of the Box takes the reader on a trip of seventy productions from the last decade. Moving from text to image, the book then turns into a 200 page photo gallery, a true feast for the eye. The book is enchanting for the opera aficionado and other passionate people in the performing arts scene, but also takes you onto an adventurous and compelling journey in a universe that is normally only discovered behind the stage.


  • Arty slipcase with three different covers

  • 3 different kinds of paper

  • Edition of 2000 copies

  • Curated by Bruno Devos

  • Published by Stockmans Art Books

  • Feature on Fonts in Use

To “house” our book we created three different slipcases with artworks