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Lucien De Roeck

Lucien De Roeck, or an entire life dedicated to typography, drawing and education.


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We designed and developed the website for Lucien De Roeck. From now on you can view a selection of his archive online, including the iconic Expo 58 logo and the Ostend Dover poster with numerous preliminary studies. Lucien De Roeck enrolled at the “Instituut Ter Kameren” in 1932, at the tender age of 17, at the time better known as the “Institut Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs (ISAD)”. The new student, who soon proved to be a passionate worker and inspired graphic artist, quickly learned all the basics of typography, layout, poster and brand logos. Henry Van de Velde’s appeal, as well as that of his typography teacher Joris Minne, undoubtedly instilled the discipline he has imposed on himself throughout his entire life.


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