Paperwork 2018 Annelies Vanoost Cover - Limited Edition, 365 copies for sale

Paperwork 2018

Annelies Vanoost breathes life back into paper that was presumed lost.


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Snooping around objects, materials, prints and illustrations from the past produces shapes and compositions. A story emerges, with geometrical figures playing the lead roles, and the tactility of the paper becomes the soul. The impossibility of perfection shines through. An imperfect circle drawn with scissors, a perfect machine-cut circle in paper presumed lost.


  • UV Offset print combined with old-school letterpress

  • 8 different kinds of paper

  • Printed in a limited edition of 365

  • Published by Stockmans “Art books & publications” in Belgium.

  • Paperwork won the¬†KW award 2018

Paperwork Annelies Vanoost
Paperwork uses the medium of a calendar as an excuse for a personal project, 12 months or editions are printed in 6 Pantone colours on 8 different papers.