Alinea Interior Architecture

Alinea and Leo Aerts, two names, unconditionally linked together. Leo Aerts, interior architect and driving force in Alinea, has been offering creative solutions to people interior problems for the past thirty years. His work is between architecture and design, between garden and interior, between art and craft. Light, space, multifunctional, color and material all come to surface in every dedication. A sharp analysis of the dedications shows the essence of the problem. Design is a process in which tactile and spacious experiences take priority, where silence and restraint require their place and where a refined design leads to aesthetic compositions that rise above the functional. The website gives an overall view of the Alinea projects with description as well as the world known brands of design furniture and lighting collections shown in their showroom. The site is equipped with a powerful CMS system for updating easily all the content. A mobile website will be released very soon.


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  • 2013